Sunday 28 July 2013

History In The Making (Part 3)

Part 3 of the  History in the Making  series.
Documenting the Anglo Saxon period with events and activities run by the Oxfordshire Museum. Looking at the art of Blacksmiths and using the artefacts from the Anglo Saxon time period to explore the past.

Hwitmearum, a sub branch of the Regia Anglorum, Medievalreenactment organization
 take part in reenactment of Saxon Sword fight.

Unearthing the Anglo Saxons was broadcast as part of the Community Channel's 
POSTCARD series. Shown as a double episode as History In The Making 

with Alchester Project on 
Sky 539 | Virgin Media 233 | Freesat 651| Freeview 63

Unearthing the Anglo Saxons  broadcast on The Archaeology Channel 
as well as on cable TV in cities across the USA. Video News from TAC, June 2014 Preview 

International Biennial Scientific Film xxVII (BICC) of Ronda in 2014

Portobello Film Festival September 2014 

Also available at the Spanish Association of Scientific Film and Image (ASECIC)

The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Film (Oregon USA)  

The film is available from the Spanish Association of Film & TV image (ASECIC).
In October 2016 Mujeres en el Cine y las TV Mexico (Women In Film & Television International) & (ASECIC) screened Unearthing The Anglo Saxons during 27 to the 30th October 2016 as part of (UNAM) Mexican University academic event. 

April 2017 was shown at FIOCine - Scientific Film Show in Brazil.

The Museum works with artists to explore the craft and engage the 
community with the past.

   Dave Tonge Story teller of Anglo Saxon tales
Dave Tong and his story telling 

 Helen Jacobs Silversmith
Helen Jacobs - Art 

Unearthing the Anglo Saxons
The 3rd and final film in the series of the History in the Making. This film explore the activities and events by the Oxfordshire Museum Services. This time using the objects from the Anglo Saxon period.

We also follow two Blacksmiths Stuart Makin (whose business Iron Forged Designs is based just over the county border in Brackley) to make a replica of an Anglo Saxon Pattern-Welded Sword.

He is  joined by David Joy, a smith from Banbury, who is acting as an apprentice whilst learning how to pattern-weld. Unearthing The Anglo Saxons

The Anglo Saxon replica sword starts to take shape  

"Thank you so much for all the work you have done to promote this and the other two films (The Oxfordshire Oar Marker & Alchester Project), it really does make a huge difference to us in terms of being able to reach new and wider audiences."
Carol Anderson
Oxfordshire Museums Service Manager 

Oxfordshire Limited Edition
Project & Film Partners:
The Archaeology Channel
John Duggan
David Joy Blacksmith
Iron Forge Designs